Board of Directors

Deana DeWire (Board President):

Deana works as a Hydrologic Technician for the Lolo National Forest.  She has devoted her life to the work, study and play of all forms of water; flowing liquid, fluffy flakes and steamy warmth.  During the summers you will find her working deep in the woods of Western Montana, assessing the heath of watersheds, small and large.  In the winters, you’ll likely find her slogging through the deep snow, searching for fields of bottomless powder.  Given the opportunity, Deana loves to share her passion with young people in a place- based educational forum and watch new connections with the aquatic environment send their faces alight in ways that are priceless.


Bill Pfeiffer Watershed Education Network

Bill Pfeiffer:

Bill Pfeiffer grew up fishing Pennsylvania’s spring creeks and mountain streams before moving to Montana to find meaning in his life.  Over 11 years later, that meaning is still primarily trout fishing every chance he gets.  Bill is a fly-fishing guide, an amateur photographer and aquatic entymologist, a writer, a musician, and a graduate of the University of Montana School of Law, where he specialized in environmental law and water law and policy.  He also enjoys skiing when the river is frozen.  He lives in Missoula with his partner Colleen, and their dogs, Kona and Joni.

DebDebbie Fassnacht:

Deb fell into a pond as a small child and has been playing and working with water ever since. She is one of the founders of the organization, along with Wendy Sturgis and Eric Ringleberg. What began as a volunteer stream monitoring effort in 1996 has grown into a successful non-profit organization focusing on watersheds, wetlands and education. Deb brings science teaching and education/outreach experience to WEN. Deb recently completed her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in science education at the University of Montana. After years of serving WEN as an incredible Executive Director, Deb has now moved on to a job at Salish Kootenai College. She will be missed, but we are thrilled that all her hard work and dedication to WEN remains with us as a member of our Board of Directors. Deb enjoys spending time with family and friends, field trips to the stream or wetland, skiing, hiking, and baking her delicious chocolate chip cookies.



Carina Wyborn (Board Secretary):

Carina is a recent addition to the WEN Board, having joined in April 2013. She is a postdoctoral research fellow in University of Montana’s College of Forestry and Conservation. Carina is a social scientist who researches the relationships between people and their environment, hoping to find better ways to create and support socially and ecologically sustainable landscapes. Having grown up ‘playing outside’, she is a strong advocate of getting kids outside to explore and understand their surroundings. Far from her homeland of Australia, Carina fell in love with Montana during her dissertation work and is looking forward to exploring the watersheds and valleys of Western Montana. When she isn’t stuck behind her computer, you’ll find Carina playing in the mountains whether on foot, by bike or sliding downhill on her snowboard.


Brandy Thrasher:

Brandy grew up in the Missoula area, and experiencing the great outdoors has always been a passion for her. She earned her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from the University of Montana and a Master’s of Science Education from Montana State University. Brandy has been an educator for nearly ten years now, and currently teaches 8th grade students at Washington Middle School in Missoula. Brandy worked with WEN for many years through participation with her students in WEN’s Stream Monitoring Programs before joining WEN’s Board of Directors in the spring of 2013. She appreciates WEN’s philosophy of place-based education, and has enjoyed taking hundreds of students out to local streams over the years to help get them involved in water quality monitoring and watershed stewardship.