How do I volunteer?


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Steps to volunteer with WEN:

1. Fill out a volunteer application.

2. Attend a Volunteer Training: All volunteers working with WEN’s School Programs or Stream Team must attend volunteer training outlined below. Training occurs out at the river at the beginning of the fall and spring seasons. These trainings orient volunteers to WEN’s monitoring protocols as well as cover school program learning objectives and tips for working with students. 

Fall 2018 Trainings:
Saturday, Sept 8th,  12pm-4pm
Wednesday, Sept 12th,  3:30pm-7:30pm

All the trainings will cover the same material and will be held at the same location. Meet us at the Greenough Park pavilion, and we’ll walk over to the site together. RSVP by email at or by calling 406.541.9287; include your shoe size to ensure we’ll have waders in your size!

3. Attend a Volunteer Orientation: All volunteers are strongly encouraged to attend an orientation. Orientations occur at the beginning of the fall and spring season at the WEN office. Volunteers get a formal introduction to WEN’s mission and programming as well as an opportunity to meet other volunteers.

Stay tuned for our fall 2018 orientation!

4. Attend your first program!

  •  Stream Team: Jump right into monitoring with our Stream Team. Build on methods learned at training as you go.
  • School Programs: First time volunteers will shadow/observe their first school program to get a feel for WEN programming in action. Field stream monitoring programs consist of three stations, which students cycle through. New volunteers will work with a seasoned volunteer at one of the stations. Typically, first time volunteers observe the first group of students, team-teach the second, and lead the third. WEN works with volunteers with varied teaching experience and can adjust this progression as needed.

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