University of Montana Interns

Megan Anderson

Megan Anderson is a resource conservation student at the University of Montana. She moved from Seattle to Montana 3 years ago and fell in love with the outdoors. Megan is fascinated by the connection between communities and their environments. She loves to bike, hike, read, and hang out by the river!




Dylan Branscum

Dylan Branscum is a student at University of Montana studying aquatic ecological restoration. Working with WEN is helping him expand his knowledge of aquatic systems and how to convey that knowledge to a diverse audience. Growing up in Helena MT instilled an appreciation for the outdoors that he is carrying into his personal and professional life.



Helen Thomson

Helen is originally from Colorado but came to Missoula for college. She is a junior studying Marketing with a focus in Digital Marketing and Sustainable Business Strategies. She is working with WEN to update their website and work on different marketing campaigns. Helen grew up camping, rafting, hiking and skiing.




Colter Murphy

Colter grew up in Missoula, and one of his earliest memories is making “rivers” in the backyard with the garden hose. His fascination with water led him to pursue a degree in Wildlife Biology with an Aquatics emphasis at the University of Montana. He enjoys long walks along any of Missoula’s beautiful creeks and rivers and is pretty good at identifying lichen.



Kezia Kyrsten Lovelady-Speer

Kezia is a Montana born-and-raised UM student; majoring in Organizational Communication, minoring in Nonprofit Administration. She is currently working on Grant research and writing for WEN.




Sylvia Doyle — Curriculum Intern

Sylvia is working on a Master’s in Environmental Studies with an Education focus at the University of Montana. She wants to learn how citizen science projects and other place-based instruction can be applied to science education in schools. Before coming to Missoula, Sylvia received a B.A. in Environmental Science from Colby College, then worked as a Lead Instructor at Teton Science Schools in Jackson, Wyoming. Sylvia loves mountains; in her spare time she watercolors and runs on them, skis up and down them, and climbs on the prettiest rocks she can find.


Rebecca Elderkin — Curriculum & Education Intern

Rebecca was born in Western Pennsylvania. She traveled West to South Western Ohio for school where she graduated from the University of Dayton with a degree in History and Human Rights Politics. She traveled further West to the Central and Northern  Rocky Mountains to work in conservation and the environmental field.  She has been teaching in multiple capacities since she had a fruitful experience at the University of Dayton teaching supplemental philosophy courses.  Today, she loves to teach about natural sciences.  She enjoys being outside, fermenting foods, and gardening.


dan ennisDan Ennis — Communications Intern

Dan is a sophmore from Walnut Creek, California about 20 miles east of San Francisco.  He is an outdoor enthusiast and avid photographer with a strong sense of respect for the environment. He is currently a Journalism major at the University of Montana. He aspires to influence opinion and public policy by writing about and capturing the human experience within the natural world behind the lens. He also enjoys playing the harmonica, riding bikes, a nice laugh and a good story.



Sara Humphers-Ginther — Climate Change Intern

Sara is a junior at the University of Montana with a double major in Environmental Studies and Sociology. She is fascinated by how society functions in regard to the environment, as well as society’s reaction to climate change and other environmental issues. Born in San Francisco and raised in Minnesota, she has an older sister, a mother and a father who also love to travel like her. She is a frequent visitor of hiking trails, a big fan of hammocking, and believes that the perfect day beings with a cup of coffee.


High School Interns — Montana Monofilament Recovery & Recycling Program



Bo Hahn — MT MRRP Intern






Lucas Hall — MT MRRP Intern

Lucas is a sophomore at Big Sky High School. He is a 2016 alum of WEN’s Youth Conservation Corps program and through this program he decided he wanted to continue gaining experience with WEN. He loves the outdoors and is interested in forestry. Lucas’ spirit animal is a direwolf.





Haley Inabnit — MT MRRP Intern

Haley is a senior at Hellgate High School who enjoys studying the Arabic language and being outdoors. This previous summer she worked with WEN on a YCC field crew, and worked on an expedition trail crew with Montana Conservation Corps the summer before that. Post-graduation she plans to work on a crew with MCC before taking off on a Moroccan expedition.




Camryn Williams — MT MRRP Intern






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