WEN in the News

June 8, 2018

“Native Tech Camp Open to Flathead Reservation Students”

“Campers also will learn about educational and career opportunities in tech, discuss challenges facing tribal communities, and participate in a field trip with Deb Fassnacht, executive director of the Watershed Education Network. The program’s theme this year is ‘Water is Life.’ ” (Missoulian)

WEN partnered with Salish Kootenai College to lead the field trip for their Tech4Good technology camp. The field trip took students to Crow Creek and Spring Creek to take water measurements and inspect aquatic macroinvertebrates.

May 16, 2018

“Another generation of kids celebrate annual river honoring”

“‘This is about respecting the land, the wildlife and the ecosystem,'[Tyrel Fenner] said. ‘The elders tell us that those things were here first, so we need to honor them. Water is life and the main driver of geological forces. We ourselves are 70 percent water, so we need to keep water healthy.'”  Photo, written by: Karen Peterson (Valley Journal)

WEN is proud to join the Confederated Salish Kootenai Tribes each year for River Honoring. River Honoring fosters a sense of appreciation and connection between youth and the Flathead River. It is important to remember that our rivers and aquifers are all connected, and affected by human activities.

March 19, 2017

“Kids studying the river: Missoula Community Foundation aims to help nonprofits grow”

Photo by: Tom Bauer(Missoulian)

“In an ordinary bucket of water from Lolo Creek, all it takes is a close look to reveal a dizzying array of life: fishing spiders, stone flies and all kinds of bizarre aquatic insects that usually escape the attention of humans.” Written by: David Erickson (Missoulian)

WEN has proven itself to be an important educator for kids across Montana. WEN provides field trips for schools in the Missoula area, where it teaches children of all ages the importance of healthy rivers, streams and lakes. This year WEN was one of the three local non-profits to receive the Non-profit Excellence capacity building grant from the Missoula Community Foundation. WEN has been an important business in the Missoula community and this grant gives it the possibility for growth.

July 26, 2016

“Students get taste of environmental science careers on Lolo National Forest” 

Photo by: Kurt Wilson (Missoulian)

“Nash also said he wants to experience different jobs related to wildlife before he settles on a choice of a career path. He said this summer has opened his eyes to the possibilities of employment in natural resource management.” Written by: David Erickson (Missoulian)

Jasper Nash, a high school senior from Helena was one of the 10 to participate in WEN’s Youth Conservation Corps summer program. WEN partnered up with the Lolo National Forest service to give high school students the opportunity to get a summer job exploring different jobs such as resource management. Students spent five weeks in the field participating in a multitude of jobs.

June 4, 2016

“Local company partners with city to test floating wetland islands to combat water pollution” 

Photo by: Tommy Martino (Missoulian)

“A local watershed consulting company and a nonprofit education network are working with the city of Missoula and local high school science students on a pilot project to test how well floating wetland islands work in improving water quality.” Written by: David Erickson (Missoulian)

As a member of this team, WEN has helped to create and set afloat three Biohaven Floating Islands. The goal here to use recycled materials to create sustainable habitats that can help to improve water quality. These islands have to potential to mitigate the effects of pesticides and waste as well as create a living environment for macro invertebrates and other species.


April 17, 2016

“WildWalk parade dances through downtown Missoula” 

Photo by: Kurt Wilson

“It’s our job to seek out those organizations that can already reach out to (children), and go along with our themes of wildlife, conservation, low waste.” Written by: Chelsea Davis (Missoulian)

As part of the 39th annual International Wildlife Film festival, WEN participated in the WildWalk parade weaving down Higgins. A team from WEN assembled a larger-than-life bull trout costume and “swam” through the streets in Missoula in celebration.



October 19, 2015

“Paxson fourth-graders learn river ecology from UM students”


Photo by: Tommy Martino (Missoulian)

“It was a case of students teaching students Monday as undergraduates from the University of Montana led a field trip on river ecology for a fourth-grade class from Paxson Elementary School.” Written by: Dillon Kato (Missoulian)

University of Montana undergraduates joined up with Watershed Education Network as part of their “Adopt-A-Class” campaign. UM students spent the day teaching a group of fourth graders from Paxson Elementary School and leading activities such as identifying different insect species.