Schedule a School Program

Program costs:

We will continue to offer our high quality programming for a course fee of $100/class for all water education programs. A class is considered up to 30 students. We thank you for your understanding that due to reduced funding and growing expenses, our programs need your support to continue. Class fees go towards transportation, equipment and program costs. This being said, WEN will not turn any class away for lack of funding. If the fee presents a problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can work with you or discuss ideas for parent support, business sponsors and grants. Some teachers are approaching their school PTA, while others are asking for student contribution of $2-$4 in order to cover the fee. WEN is scouring the community for business sponsors and has scholarship opportunities for two or more classes to participate in our critical water education programs.

Teachers can be trained in School Stream Monitoring Programs (SSMP)

WEN offers of a $25 discount off the program fee for teachers/parents of participating schools joining a training session this spring. We encourage teachers to become more knowledgeable of WEN’s programs and have a solid feel for the field trip experience. Each season we offer School Stream Monitoring and Groundwater trainings to university students and community members alike, and these trained volunteers then join us in the field to assist with instruction of your students. We have found that when teachers attend at least one of these trainings, students and teachers get more out of our field programs. Our training dates are already scheduled and you can RSVP to attend any one of the trainings listed here by emailing



You can view our calender to check-out our current availability.  Currently, our interactive indoor classroom presentations are being offered and will continue to be available throughout the spring 2017 field season. WEN is excited to dive into our 21st year of field science at our local rivers and streams with YOUR students!

*Note: In the case that you need to reschedule a program, we ask for at least 24 hrs notice. We will reciprocate this agreement and give you as much notice as we can if something comes up on our end. Our programs run rain or shine, but in the case of extreme cold weather or storms, we may also need to reschedule your field program.

Spring and high water: As you are all aware, with Montana’s spring run-off comes the high and fast creeks and rivers. WEN has created several alternative river bank and adjacent land activities to provide science experiences for your students. Some field lessons include: bird identification, plant identification and mapping, as well as journaling and visual arts.

Please peruse our program options to see which might best fit your spring curriculum and students’ needs. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a program, please call the WEN office at (406) 541-9287 or email us at