Kitty Galloway, Program Director

Kitty Galloway started working with students outdoors when she was eighteen and hasn’t given it up since. She grew up in the Pacific Northwest spending most of her time exploring the ocean and forests, and has discovered her passion is to share with people of all ages the beauty and importance of preserving our natural resources. Kitty self-designed her major of Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Education at Huxley College in Bellingham, WA, after transferring from Bates College in Maine. She took lots of time along the way to travel and learn more about rivers and streams around the world, which led her to believe that experiential learning and teaching is often the most valuable kind. Kitty made Missoula her home three years ago, after spending a summer walking here from Washington state, and is grateful to live in a community so full of positive, conscientious people.  She constantly strives to integrate more inquiry-based teaching styles into WEN programming, and feels that she learns from the students she works with just as much as they learn from her. When Kitty isn’t teaching or hanging out on rivers, she is most likely skiing, exploring the beautiful mountains of Montana by foot, entrenched in gardening or canning projects, or enjoying time with her wonderful friends and dog.

Shelby Marshall, Stream Team Coordinator:  Big Sky Watershed Corps Member

Shelby Marshall grew up in a place where water was often in short supply- Dallas, Texas. However, that never stopped her from spending time in the great outdoors. Through sports, camping, and exploring, she came to appreciate fresh air and sunshine which translated into a love for the environment as a teenager. Shelby attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and studied Environmental Science. During a semester spent on the Carolina coast, she was inspired while learning about the complex and diverse estuarine systems and she’s been driven to work with water ever since. Shelby came to WEN as a Big Sky Watershed Corps member and is eager to engage with students and volunteers in hands-on learning and interaction about Montana’s natural rivers and streams. Shelby assists with volunteer recruitment and programming, as well as managing WEN’s citizen science volunteer water monitoring group, Stream Team.