Volunteer Quotes

“Another year has indeed come and gone. Another year I feel extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to volunteer with WEN. There is nothing that makes me happier than going out on field trips and helping the kids learn how to understand rivers. It became sort of an addiction over the years – seeing how different kids interpret rivers, recognizing the moment when it clicks and they realize how all the little things they are shown come together to form a picture of a healthy river. It is so important to teach them while they are young so they have time to develop their interests. I was not so lucky and only found the depth of my interest in water through volunteering with WEN. I never would have thought that I would love aquatic macroinvertebrates until WEN introduced me to them, and now I have a great job where I get to look at bugs every day! WEN not only provides an important service to the community by helping to grow the next generation of watershed stewards but also an invaluable service to their volunteers through support and encouragement in pursuing life’s goals.”

-Al Pak, WEN Volunteer, Technician at Rithron Associates, Inc.

“I started volunteering with WEN this fall, and my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner.   I decided to volunteer with WEN because I believe that what they do is very important to understanding what is going on in watersheds.  The information they collect will help to protect our rivers and streams that are so important to the ecosystem and to the survival of many species.  It is also important to get kids interested in this kind of thing early on because someday they are going to have to do the same things and deal with other issues that arise.”

-Abra Kaiser, WEN Volunteer

“Streams are one of my favorite habitats to explore and learn about.  Working with WEN was a fantastic opportunity to share this passion with Missoula kids and hang out with enthusiastic and friendly people who had similar interests.  I’m hoping to start graduate research this fall doing aquatic and riparian research.  Volunteering at WEN was an incredible opportunity to learn more about aquatic monitoring and conservation work, knowledge I can use in graduate school.  WEN is doing terrific work and I hope to continue volunteering for them this spring.”

-Robin Greene, WEN Volunteer