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Beaver Activity Photo Point Monitoring on Rattlesnake Creek!

WEN is trying a new Citizen Science activity with our current volunteers this winter (2021-2022). It has come to our attention that there are some busy beavers in the Rattlesnake Rec Area! We want you to capture photos so we can watch the changes! 

Image by Niklas Hamann

Photo Credit: Niklas Hamann

Photo B_edited.jpg

 We hope to send a few dedicated citizen scientists out once or twice a week to capture these photos. If you are interested in taking a walk up the Rattlesnake Trail, grab a camera, and submit your photos to WEN! We have three (easy to access) photo sites picked out near the dam. Let us know if you want to join the fun!!”

Contact Brook or Stephie to get involved! 

Family Science Program

The Watershed Education Network is developing a new program for families and individuals to independently explore their backyard watersheds and practice citizen science through their own discovery. 

Two kids leaning over a log looking at ice forming on the surface of a river.

 We hope to help families have fun outdoors while learning about river and riparian science. Providing an activity that any family can do without an in-person WEN facilitator is especially important during COVID and for long-term citizen science accessibility.

If you’re interested or want to join our waitlist, please email!

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