"We love what we know and getting the kids out to rivers and creeks and doing water testing it’s just a fabulous way to get them to know and appreciate and protect."

"The amazing part about WEN is that they use all disciplines to tie in the importance of water. They use nature journaling and sketching, poetry and things to connect people to rivers."

"What WEN has allowed me to do is learn how to communicate my technical background, within a teaching environment to the local community and in this case WEN volunteers."

"...these same kids not only can name the nearest river, but they can rattle off macro species indicative of a healthy watershed. They realize that they have a duty to keep their local water supply healthy and happy. They have become citizen scientists in every sense of the word."

“I went to a WEN training and my mind was blown. I had no idea what any of it was. I had no knowledge of anything related to water ecology. It was all new and it was fascinating. And then they pulled out the bugs and they had me!"

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