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The Adopt-A-Class program is a fundraising campaign that will bring WEN’s programs to more under-served and rural schools.

Why is this important?     

Outdoor education, especially field trips, are rare for most schools in western Montana. For many K-12 classes, our programs provide their first guided experience at the river’s edge.  WEN’s programs inspire a new generation of watershed stewards and creative minds. Working together we can bring them outside: one classroom, one child at a time. Many classrooms in more rural and under-served schools cannot afford WEN’s programs. Help us make our river programs available to all western Montana kids by adopting a class today. 

Adopt-A-Class funds:

1) Pre- and post- field trip classroom presentations.

2) Field trips to rivers, streams and wetlands.

3) Innovative, hands-on learning experiences for students in urban, rural and tribal areas in western Montana.

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