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University of Montana student or not, we have internship opportunities!

A view of the back of someone wearing a yellow ball cap with "WEN" on the back. They are facing away towards a wetland field with trees in the distance.

Become a WEN intern to fulfill a service learning requirement or earn internship credits. WEN offers services and opportunities to undergraduate students and graduate students alike. We work hard to find ways to incorporate our volunteer’s individual interests and creativity into their work. Please note that volunteer training will not count towards service learning hours. AmeriCorps Internships are also available through WEN.

1. Fill out an application

E-mail our Executive Director, Deb Fassnacht, to schedule a meeting to discuss your interests.

2. Attend a training

It is highly recommended that all volunteers attend a volunteer training, though it's not required.

3. Join a program

Jump in! Volunteers can also be trained in the field. 

Get your feet wet with WEN!

Internships with WEN are dispersed among our many programs depending upon the interest of the student and the number of credit hours needed. Internships are typically limited to 1-2 credits, translating to 3-10 hours/week.

An internship with WEN will often involve some field component, but can be focused a number of different ways. Some past projects and examples include: field program assistant, curriculum development, WEN Flagship program assistant, technology, community outreach, equipment and database management, grant development and more. We are open to your ideas!


Please visit Handshake or contact us for the most up to date list. 

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