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Groundwater Monitoring 

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Montana Groundwater Academy (MGA) 

Montana Groundwater Academy (MGA) was developed in collaboration with UM, SpetrUM, and WEN for high school students to learn key groundwater concepts in an outdoor groundwater lab in Greenough Park (lower Rattlesnake valley). MGA includes physical models and field investigations to develop knowledge of groundwater system structure and processes. The MGA program exemplifies how science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education can help prepare individuals to participate in citizen and professional activities related to managing our water resources.

Join us for groundwater monitoring in Greenough Park!

WEN's team is continuing the Montana Groundwater Academy (MGA) well elevation data to learn more about the relationship of Rattlesnake Creek and adjacent groundwater. WEN is conducting groundwater monitoring once a month until November. During these outings we bike around to 15 different wells in Greenough Park and collect well elevation data. No prior experience required.

Groundwater Maps

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Groundwater Monitoring is an extension of Stream Team which is supported through the Open Rivers Fund, a program of Resources Legacy Fund supported by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Have any questions about groundwater monitoring and how you can get involved ?

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