backcountry stream corps

Crew Members
Crew Members

WEN 2022 Backcountry Stream Corps

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Ella Barnes
Ella Barnes

WEN 2022 Backcountry Stream Corps

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Crew Leads & Assistants
Crew Leads & Assistants

WEN 2022 Backcountry Stream Corps

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Crew Members
Crew Members

WEN 2022 Backcountry Stream Corps

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Five smiling kids sitting on a wood bench alond a trail holding PVC pipe stadia rod.
Summer Program for High School Students

Each spring WEN seeks high school-aged (15-18 years of age) individuals who like to ride bikes and are interested in working outdoors in the Rattlesnake Recreation Area to become part of a 6 member crew during the summer. 

Students spend two weeks with WEN exploring and learning about the importance of a healthy watershed through stream monitoring on Rattlesnake Creek. 

Training includes stream monitoring procedures, GPS 101, Leave No Trace principles, and safety gear.

Indigenous land acknowledgment and Native American cultural connections are an integral part of each day.

A close up view of someone's hands holding a GPS unit.
Six people standing next to and looking at a beaver dam in a river.

This summer we spent 2 weeks getting up close and personal with Rattlesnake Creek. Riding bikes up past Pilcher Creek and hopping into our waders to explore beaver ponds, count and survey large woody debris in the stream, swim in crystal clear pools, ID bugs, and refueling with tasty donated lunches from Worden's Deli

A view from behind a group of people on mountain bikes riding down a trail surrounded by trees.


Program runs early August, 8/1-8/12.


  • Experienced mountain bikers - we bike with our gear to the sites (3-6 miles daily!) 

  • Enjoy walking/hiking

  • Comfortable in a stream/river (knee depth)

  • Good at following directions, completing tasks and working collaboratively as part of a team.


Crew members are paid a stipend of $200 at the end of the two weeks. 

WEN welcomes, embraces and respects the diversity of all people, identities, and cultures and we encourage anyone interested in the outdoors to apply!

A groupd of kids and instructors standing in river with waders on holding stadia rods and looking at the camera.
I Know Rattlesnake Creek
2021 BCSC Crew

The city lowered our standards, 

so the nature blew us away. 

Thinking of foliage, the water,

and smells to this day. 

Cobblestone streets, 

underneath the ripples,

walking through beaver ponds, 

getting lost in riddles.

The riddles of the cottonwoods, 


and mock-orange.

I know Rattlesnake Creek, 

cause we've been here for weeks.

Mountains rise to the sky,

fauna comes within sight. 

My eye hurts so good,

but let's keep looking for wood!

I know Rattlesnake Creek. 

Kids sitting around an instructor in a field surrounded by trees.