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Volunteer with wen

Growing up in Missoula I have spent my childhood and lifetime by the water. When I was in school - elementary through high school, I learned so much about our riparian system, on water monitoring field trips with Watershed Education Network (WEN). During my time as UM undergraduate student, I volunteered to assist in educating kids on these WEN field trips. Now, after a few years off, I am returning to the WEN Stream Team as an AmeriCorps member this summer. I am so excited to continue my river stewardship ethic, connecting with the Missoula community and a new generation of future water stewards! 

- Courtney Damron

1. Fill out an application

E-mail our Executive Director, Deb Fassnacht, to schedule a meeting to discuss your interests.

2. Attend a training

It is highly recommended that  all volunteers  attend a volunteer training, though it's not required.

3. Join a program

Jump in! Volunteers can also be trained in the field.

school programs

Gain experience working with local students by helping to lead WEN's school programming. WEN works with K-12 classes both in the field and in the classroom. Field trips occur in the spring and fall during school hours. 

stream team

Attend a training, then meet us out at the creek!

Visit our Stream Team page for more information. 

A view from above of two people leaning over a tub of river water.
Three people standing around a field table next to a river. The table has chemical analysis equipment on it and the people are looking off to one direction.
office & gear assistance

Volunteer in the office with a variety of tasks such as writing blog posts or maintaining gear. No training required. 

Waders draped over a bicycle rack next to a building with kicknets leaning against the wall.
Photographer & videographer

Help document WEN's programming and events to keep our website and marketing materials up to date. Capture school programs, Stream Team, and other WEN events. If you have video editing skills and can assist with creating educational videos, please contact WEN to get involved!

No training required. 

A view down a paved trail lined with trees with fall colored leaves and the Watershed Education Network logo on a sandwich board to the side of the trail.
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