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Backyard citizen science

Anyone can be a citizen scientist! 

By observing and exploring the natural world; recording information over time; and sharing with others YOU can make a difference in your community. 


Backyard Science Program

WEN is developing riverside activities to create ways for you and your group to engage with your backyard. Thanks to our generous sponsors at Missoula Conservation District and Cinnabar Foundation this program is free of charge. 

Join us during Summer of 2023! 

We are recruiting interested groups of people who want to test out our backyard science activities! 

WEN will provide free guided training and take home kits to direct experiences of observing, measuring, and recording changes to local water resources. 

If you have any questions contact


Do you have a special place at a creek, river, or pond that you want to explore ? 

We encourage all individuals and groups to participate in collecting meaningful data to make a difference in our community. 

Join us! Click the button below to register

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