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Volunteers make the WEN world go round. Join us in the stream or from the comfort of your own home working on Stream Team data.

Our mission

WEN’s mission is to foster knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of watershed health through citizen science, youth and school engagement, and outreach to our communities.



We could not do what what we do without the support of donors and grantors. Your support helps WEN provide field experience through citizen science stream monitoring and education programs for students.   


Hello friends of WEN

As you know, our mission is to foster knowledge, appreciation and awareness of watershed health through science and outreach. Our team has been taking some time to listen, learn and reflect. From this reflection, it is clear that our commitment for inclusivity, and growth is more important than ever. For WEN, this means proactively striving for inclusivity by:

  •  Continuing to prioritize reaching underserved students with our School Stream Monitoring programs.

  •  Continuing to enthusiastically welcome diversity on our Citizen Science Stream Team. 

  •  Improving our engagement with a diverse community of members, volunteers, and partners. 

  •  Regularly examining our internal policies. 


While our office is currently closed, we are looking forward to when we can be in the stream together, as equals. 


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WEN's citizen science programs and youth watershed education programs are generously supported by the following foundations and community sponsors: 

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